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Anti Vibration for Washing Machine

Anti Vibration for Washing Machine

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The Anti-Vibration Pad for Washing Machines is an incredibly effective way to silence disruptive noises and reduce appliance vibration without much effort. Not only does it absorb up to 94.7% of the vibration, but installation is simple, requiring just a few seconds of your time. When you place your appliance or furniture onto these mats, restricted movement lessens the noise created by movement - giving you peace and quiet within the convenience of your own home. With its compact construction and environmental friendliness, you can enjoy noise control with no worries at all! Invest in these anti-vibration pads to protect yourself from potential disruptions while ensuring a comfortable environment and avoiding any potential neighbour complaints.



Materials: Rubber + TPU + Plastic
Color: Gray
Size: As Shown

The Package Includes:
4 Pcs Anti-skid and noise-reducing washing machine feet

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