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Gel Water Beads

Gel Water Beads

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The beads are made of a hydrogel polymer material that has the ability to absorb and retain water. When the beads come into contact with water, they can expand and transform into gel-like balls. The box contains approximately 30,000 pieces of gel water beads. This large quantity allows for ample use in different decorative projects. Gel water beads are often used in flower arrangements and as a growing medium for plants. The beads can add a decorative touch to floral displays by providing support and moisture to the flowers. They can also be used for hydroponic gardening or as a substitute for soil in potted plants.




Name: Gel Water Beads
Color: Mix colors, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Purple
Size of a single Water Bead: 7-8mm
Bottle Size: 6cm*8.3cm*3.2cm
About 30,000 water beads/bottle
Foaming Time: 4-5 hours
Gel Water Bead *1 Bottle

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